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How To Gamble Responsibly When Playing Slots

How To Gamble Responsibly When Playing Slots

Mathematics has a major role to play in the game of Slots, necessarily if you are planning to make money and earn big bonuses. However, majority of all casino offers first timer with big bonus, so  be sure to sign up for an online casino bonus. In the naked eye, the results may seem as something random, but you have to play sensibly and gamble responsibly to understand the odds and win big.

Plan to play within your budget

Most sessions in Slot game makes you lose money and there is very less that you can do about it. Chances are there that you might win, and sometimes win big. These are the moments that you should cherish.

Be sure that the game you are playing suits your bankroll. Plan and then invest the money in the game, and if you start losing, do not try to be a consistent winner, rather play sensibly.

In order to win big, start small

In other words, the “prime the pump” betters assume that the win would not be achieved easily. Hence, they start with smaller bets, focus on winning and hope to bet big when they approach winning.

As you bet the same amount on every spin, so the payback percentage would remain the same. Starting with smaller bets would be missed by the opponents and you are as likely to win early as later on.

Pick the right Slot Game

responsible gambing

If you aim to gain big, then you can play games that give you maximum jackpot opportunities. The slot games based on the three-reel principle emphasizes on their top jackpots, but also have a lower hit frequency with more losing spins.

The video slot games have high hit frequencies coupled with multiple small wins that provide you with the feature to pick your bonuses and give you an extended play but chances of your winning the jackpot is reduced immensely.

Try playing progressive jackpot slots

You must bet the maximum coin to be eligible for winning the jackpot. The three-reel slot machines usually possess a single progressive on the top payoff.
In the case of video slots, the progressive jackpots are multi-tiered, thus progressive levels are offered between two to twelve.

Higher payback slots

It is evident that dollar slots yield higher payback percentage as compared to quarter slots. Higher the denomination, bigger is the best and greater is the risk.
But if you gamble sensibly and bet for higher values, you can gain big bonuses.

Key takeaways

Generally, casinos have a hold on the slot machines as the winners are paid less than the correct odds. Slots can both be programmed as well as be random, and you have to plan accordingly. “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. Try to keep a check on your whimsicality while betting. If you are a skilful player, it finds importance in skill-based bonuses, but expertise does not always give an edge over other players. Adhere to these basic rules and hope to win big rewards.

Knock Up To £1000 off Your Annual Energy Bill

Knock Up To £1000 off Your Annual Energy Bill

Winter is moving closer, and you may be wondering if you can make any changes to your home to reduce your energy costs. This is a question in on the minds of most households, since many individuals and families are feeling the pinch from the rising costs of energy. There are many ways to stay warm this winter without the need to turn up the thermostat.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Yes, these light bulbs are more expensive than the traditional bulbs, but they can give you hours of usage at a very small cost. Halogen lights look very modern and can be placed anywhere, but they are expensive to run. Instead, invest in LED lighting, which can shave almost £100 off your annual electricity costs.

Invest in a Thermostatic Radiator Valve

At a cost of just £30, a thermostatic radiator valve can save you up to £150 off your annual heating costs. If you know the exact temperature of your radiators, you can turn down the valve and save money.

Great Savings With A New Boiler

A-rated boilers are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat the home, and they can also save you money. Although a boiler of this type can cost several thousand pounds, a condensing boiler could save you up to £315 per year. A combination boiler is another option, as it provides instant hot water, plus many companies will offer you a discount off a combi-boiler if you trade in your old boiler.


Deal With Lime Scale

Much of your annual energy costs could be down to hidden lime scale, which can accumulate in your pipes, dishwasher, and washing machine. The Carbon Trust has said that a lime scale build up can increase an energy bill by 7 percent. Deal with lime scale issues early and you could save up to £200 in energy costs.

Switch Suppliers and Save £££

Using a comparison website to switch energy suppliers can guarantee you the cheapest deal, and it costs nothing to switch. It generally takes around three weeks to switch energy suppliers, and you could end up saving around £383 per annum. Dual fuel customers (gas and electricity) may receive a discount, plus you may also be able to save more if you pay via Direct Debit. You will also be covered under the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Insulation Saves Up To £300 Per Year

It is entirely possible to save up to £300 per year and that is to insulate your home. Loft insulation is the best solution for your loft, while foam insulation is another effective way to heat a home as this insulation is placed between external walls and bricks. The Energy Saving trust states that much of the heat in a home is lost through the walls or the roof. Although the cost of insulation could reach up to £1000 you could save up to £300 per year. Updating your glass can also save you money, although this solution is expensive. Back to Homepage.

Be Smart and Don’t Get Scammed Online

Be Smart and Don’t Get Scammed Online

Many individuals receive ‘interesting’ or ‘exciting’ emails telling them that they have ‘won’ a large sum of money. They will usually ask you to confirm your name, bank account details, and even job details. This is a phishing attempt for information, which will give the ‘scammer’ important information about you, often enough to steal your identity. They can apply for bank accounts and credit in your name, and if you fail to pay you are left with a default mark against your credit file. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has reported that in just over a year, £670 million was reported lost due to online fraud. You don’t have to be the next one scammed out of money if you’re aware of how the scammers work. Some victims of scamming can get their money back. Find out how.

Never Give a Person or Company Private Data

Your name, date of birth, and address details are private, yet many scammers send ‘phishing emails’ in an effort to obtain information. You may learn that you have won the lottery, gained inheritance from a long lost relative abroad, or be asked to ‘confirm’ your details via PayPal or a particular bank account. All that is required for a scammer to open a bank account or apply for a credit card is your name, address, and DOB. In 2013, CIFAS reported that there were almost 130,000 cases of identity fraud. If someone applies for a credit card or bank account in your name and fails to pay the debt, your credit score may suffer.


If you do online banking and you notice one or more transactions that you are unsure of, phone your bank and explain the situation. They will be able to give you further information about the transactions and help you determine if it was actually you who made the transaction. In addition, if you are victim of online fraud report the incident to the police either over the phone or through Action Fraud. To check your credit file, contact one or more of the credit reference agencies – Call Credit, Equifax or Experian – with your name, addresses covering the past six years, and date of birth, together with a cheque or postal order for £2 and you will be furnished with a copy in around 7-working days. If you notice any incorrect data on your credit file, the agency must investigate the matter and remove it, if necessary.

Avoid Shopping Scams

If you purchase items online and you do not pay through an SSL encrypted merchant, there is a risk that your information could be stolen. In some cases where you do not receive the item that you have paid for, you can take advantage of the Consumer Credit Act, specifically section 75, which covers credit card purchases over £100 up to the value of £30,000. Debit cards are a little more complicated, as you are covered under something called a chargeback, but the monies must have been paid to a single merchant, and not through a third party merchant like Money Gram or Western Union. Any matter relating to finance or insurance can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), but you must escalate this within six months of the original decision from your bank or insurance provider.

Online Money Phishers

When you are contacted by PayPal, you may notice that they always refer to you with your full name. Online scammers can make the email and website look so professional that you believe it is the company in question, but if the email begins, ‘dear customer’ or many of the other variations, this is a phisher out to steal your personal information. Banks also remind their customers that they will never ask a customer to verify their account details. In most cases, you can report phishers to PayPal, and through your own bank. Avoid giving any personal details to an email that looks and reads professionally.

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